Incremental acetate titration by "addiing" fractional molar equivalents of HCl.
  • Start this animation by first clicking any button numerically labeled according to the fractional "total equivalents HCl" being added.
  • After waiting a few seconds for this animation to stop, click any other button to change the total equivalents of HCl" added.
Questions about the equilibrium dissociation reaction, [HAc] <=>[H+] + [Ac-]:
  • Does the pH increase or decrease after the addition of HCl?
  • Which experimental parameter corresponds to Ya, the saturation fraction for this reaction?
  • Does Ya increase or decrease after the addtion of HCl? 
  • In which direction does the equilibrium dissociation reaction shift when the pH increases
  • What experimental value for Ya allows for the determination of pKd for this titration reaction?
Duane W. Sears and Dennis Bua January 26, 2021